My Bad Animal Allergies.

My animal allergies were awful. I would go into the rescues with the cats at my own peril. I went into anaphylaxis multiple times and was told my lungs were in awful shape from my rescue activities. At best it was watery eyes, itchy skin, and sneezing. I did something about it and yes there is hope. I did shots and sublingual therapy (drops under my tongue) and have also taken allergy medication daily for years and yes, all of it did help. I have to be careful not to pet the cats and rub my eyes or get scratched, but having been around thousands of animals, I can tell you the incidences are minimal and I even have two cats of my own. Wash your hands and do your research—there are easy methods like I’ve told you about where you and your family can easily enjoy a pet with minimal or no discomfort. Oh, and wash you hands after touching your animal friends, it really helps

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